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Why we should give?

We believe that giving is a by-product of our obedience to support Jesus, His Church and His mission. It is an expression of obedience, by acknowledging His generosity towards us and we reciprocate that same generosity as a form of worship. As stewards of God’s provision, we give to support the Body of Christ, the Church to bless people both locally and abroad.

How do I give?

We process most of our giving electronically through PushPay. Text “RedeemChurch wa” to “77977.” Immediate response will be the appropriate link to give electronically. Thank you for your willingness to partner with us financially.

Where does my giving/tithe go and for what purpose

The financial gifts you share with us can be designated to specific areas of ministry. Every ministry at Redeem Church is designed to build up the saints who will impact their communities. We ask that you give generously so that we can give to areas of ministry in need.