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Looking to apply for the 18-19 school year? Start by clicking here to email Trevor, our RCAP coordinator to recieve the application and more information.

What is the RCAP program?

RCAP stands for “Redeem Church Apprenticeship Program” and is designed with the intention of helping adults complete either an AA or Bachelors degree through Northwest University’s accredited online program. Together, RCAP is partnered together with Northwest to offer a wholistic experience where students can complete their degrees and gain valuable experiences to help bolster their resume heading into the next season of their life.

Why do you call it an “apprenticeship” instead of an “internship”?

We believe that there has been a stigma created with name “internship” that implies something we don’t intend for our students. There is nothing inheritantly wrong with internships, but the perception is that all someone is going to do is fetch coffee and stack chairs. With the title of “apprentice” we anticipate that the perception is going to be closer to what we offer than the title of internship. Our students are actively leading in ministry, non-profit or outreach areas that fit their strengths, gifts and talents. Each has opportunity to shape their area based on their own vision, dreams and goals. To ensure they are getting tangible experience, we come alongside and develop them based on what they are doing, not just what they are learning about in the classroom.

What is the time commitment going to look like for me to be in this program?

When we began planning this program, we realized there was going to be time constraints for the people interested in joining RCAP. So we decided to create two tracks, the full-time apprenticeship track and the professional apprenticeship track. In the full time track, there will be more time involved compared to the professional track. You can learn more about the differences in their own specific pages at the links included.

Who is this program for?

Any adult that has a high school diploma and above a 2.0 GPA in previous schooling is eligible to be a part of this program. We have a cap on spaces available for our full time track, but anyone that is interested in pursuing the professional track program can apply, and if all requirements are met, will gain acceptance into the program.

What if I want to be a part of the program but don’t want to go into ministry?

This sentiment is fairly common among our students. Out of our current students, some are looking to work in a traditional version of ministry want and the other students have aspirations that are outside of the normal context of “ministry”. This program is setup for both! If you aren’t planning on going into ministry, you may get linked with local outreaches or non-profits to gain experience in your leadership. We also have implemented a system that connects our students with local occupational professionals in a large variety of vocations to ask questions, shadow and possibly be mentored through what life in that job looks like. This program is geared for a variety of career paths post graduation.

Click the links below to get more information on each specific track

Contact Trevor Whitman if you need more information or would like to receive an application for the 2018-19 school year.