Full Time Track

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The full-time track is designed for individuals who are seeking individualized mentorship, teaching with an emphasis on growth and real opportunities to explore their leadership and capacity.

What to expect in this program:

  • AA or Bachelor’s Degree within two or four years of study through Northwest University’s accredited online program.
  • Two weekly classes that specifically target leadership and spiritual development.
  • “Major and/or minor” placements, in which they have specific roles and leadership opportunities within Redeem Church or local outreach organization that earns college practicum credit.
  • Leading and executing two capstone serve projects, where apprentices plan, strategize, coordinate and execute a form of outreach designed by them.
  • Personalized mentorship/discipleship with both the RCAP Director and Ministry leader from Redeem Church or local outreach organizations.

By the end of the apprenticeship, each student will leave with not only a college degree, but also confident in their leadership ability. This opportunity will give them a large repertoire of experiences that will help guide the discovery of their passions, gifts and talents. Although this program has many facets involved, the attention to wholistic growth of each individual is unmatched in any other local college program.

Contact Trevor Whitman if you need more information or would like to receive an application for the 2018-19 school year.